Evening meditation

Today was a combination of healing sessions and an evening meditation. Every Tuesday and Thursday at 20:00 I join the shamballa family to send love and light to all beings and the Earth. This felt strong and interestingly elements of the Goddess female energy meditation yesterday evening found their way into this session. For example, in one of them I fused my body with the body of a Goddess in order to integrate the female energy in mine. During today’s meditations and shamballa sessions I saw I had both a male and female body and I felt it made the energy stronger and more complete or balanced. After 15 minutes I proceeded to give a remote shamballa session to a friend who suffers from severe headaches. I imagined grabbing her head and white light started to flow into her head until her head was a beacon of bright white light. Then I asked permission to clean her energy body and for assistance from my guides, stGermain and her guides in doing that. I used the Violet energy and imagined it transmuting everything that didn’t serve her anymore. Meanwhile the guides where working on her as well. When this was done her body was filled with golden energy and it was encapsulated in a cocoon of white light. The purpose of the cocoon was to shield her from the fear of other people, making it easier for her to remain in her own power. When this whole process was complete I thanked all who helped and to my surprise only 7 minutes had passed. The energy still felt strong so I continued and gave a family member a session. Again, it was strong and my male\female bodies were there again. There also was pink energy just like the Goddess meditations yesterday. Interesting.

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