Evening meditation

Today is a Thursday so at 8pm I went upstairs to do a shamballa meditation.

Mind wandered a lot but that’s okay. After that 15-minute session I decided to offer somebody a healing. She accepted and lied down on my table. It had been a while since I last did this and insecurity tried to convince me to not do this, but I didn’t listen. I asked archangel Michael to bathe the room in white light and asked permission to cleanse the energybody using St.Germain’s Violet flame. I started with my hands on the sides of her head and I had the impression energy was strong, even though I didn’t really feel it. After a short while there was a sudden shift in my mind’s image and instead of flushing her energy body now she was morphing into tree roots; the shape of her body got lost and she turned into a mass of intertwined large roots like you would see in the jungle, becoming one with the Earth. No idea what that was about. After that I started with shamballa, walking around her looking for clues what to do. No ideas came but I trusted my higher self that things were happening without my knowledge. After a while I stopped and I noticed she was shaking a bit, her arm and head were twitching. I observed for a while and wondered if I should do something. Eventually I decided to place some stones around her; a piece of ferrite/pyrite between her feet end a large labradorite below her head on the floor. She instantly got sad and started crying. I comforted her and we were both surprised. She also didn’t feel well but this passed quickly and she went back downstairs. I assume this was something that she needed to process, even though no thoughts or images arose that would explain the source of the sadness. Not sure if this means I did something wrong, I guess I have to trust that it was for the best.

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