Evening meditation

This evening I got final confirmation that I’m admitted in the student program conducted by Fred Davis. I successfully enlisted yesterday already but doubts arose in me whether I really qualified for the program. Today I got the good news. This has a great effect on me and I feel like this is the beginning of a whole new chapter. A sense of calm came over me and in my evening meditation just now I just sat mindfully for an hour without effort. Just keeping attention at the breath and allowing everything to be, witnessing it. Thoughts, sensations, feelings and emotions come and go, but the witnessing attention is always there. Sometimes mind wandered for a bit but that didn’t bother me. Meanwhile part of my attention was circulating energy up the back and down the front of the torso, which felt nice. It didn’t cost much effort. It’s nice to be able to meditate this way again after a long period of difficulty.

I hope this stays for a while but we will see.


One thought on “Evening meditation”

  1. Notice the “hoping this stays” – which of course it was noticed – but what/who would hope for something to stay? If what is still (here), is ever what that dualism arises to, isn’t it what is always stayING? The “natural” attempt as the self-image would be to stabilize, to be like the Identity that is Still/Ever-staying, but in time yes even it does let go (control) of that hope (arrives “then”) AS the present joy of I Am Already That – Now. Be still (that you ALREADY Are, and not reference to motion or change), not a command or instruction, just a letting go (noticing that it already HAS gone! – what’s noticed is past) of the dualism that ab-uses the fact, the Truth (only within dualism).

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