Evening meditation

Tonight I meditated while listening to this beautiful soundtrack. It relaxed me quite a bit and this was welcome since I’m very caught up in the stresses of the small self lately. This frustrates me because last February I had an experience of no-self for a few seconds in which it became very clear to me that there are no persons – everything around us is just happening with no-one controlling it, completely impersonal. There was no Me. It was not open for interpretation, it was very clear. It was not something anyone can understand intellectually, it can only be known. This experience is now a memory of the small self. Remembering this and still getting caught up in the play of the ego frustrates me. But anyhow, the meditation was relaxing and I got quite clear. I started noting, a technique where you label that which draws your attention. For example ‘rising’ or ‘falling’ when the attention is with the breath, ‘hearing’ when attention is drawn to the music, ‘thinking’ when attention goes to a thought and ‘feeling’ when attention goes to a physical sensation. This technique is quite powerful and it felt good doing it. I feel much better again, more balanced.

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