Evening meditation

I put on some gong sound bath music on the stereo and sat on the cushion. I decided to just concentrate primarily on my breath and observe body sensations. Then I started breathing in energy into my lower Dantian. I imagined drawing in a energetic mist into the lower Dantian on the in breath. At the out breath I image the energy being compressed by two hands and stored there. I also (automatically) contract the pelvic floor muscles at the out breath. I did this for a while and it felt good but I feared it may not be wise to do this for too long so I switched to other chakras as well. The root chakra gave no sensations, as usual. The sacral chakra slight warmth. The heart chakra did respond but it’s hard to describe the sensation, it’s like getting heavy and expanding. The throat chakra I skipped for no reason. The third eye responded strongly with feelings of unpleasant pressure like someone is trying to push a finger into my forehead and slowly massaging it going around in slow circles. I did this only shortly. The crown chakra I skipped for no reason. Sometimes I stopped to focus on the gong sounds for a few minutes. After 50 minutes I stopped, feeling relaxed and with a slight buzzing feeling in the body.

Sleepy time.

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