Evening meditation

This evening I remembered that I drew a card last Thursday from a deck of angel cards. Normally I don’t know what to do with cards like these because they tend to be vague but this one was to the point: sit today for 10 minutes and let Michael used his blue energy to heal the energetic lines between your chakras and those of another person. I decided to just meditate for 15 minutes and asked him to do his thing. I got a high-pitch tone in my ear and had a pleasant meditation. After that I decided to do a similar session like yesterday evening, with the fast breathing. When I started I changed the plan and made it a short session because this technique is said to be powerful and caution is needed. So after 15 minutes of fast breathing through the mouth I returned to the natural breath and started doing the MCO , very slowly. I had no audio guidance to that means I decide the tempo and what I do. When I went from the heart to the lower dantian the energy (which was a red ball this time) stopped just below my breast bone and I remembered : of course, the solar plexus. In the audio file I used before this chakra is skipped, why I don’t know. Now I can include it so I did that. The same goes for the opposite side of the heart chakra, on the back. I don’t think I’ll be using that audio file again. Also, I contracted the pelvic floor muscle at the in breath this time instead of at the out breath. Seemed marginally better. Sensations were not as strong as yesterday, but there was tingling at the crown, heat/warmth in the abdomen and strong pressure around the 3rd eye. Also, due to the slow and detailed cycle I was doing, pushing the energy through the inside of the spine felt different, more penetrating.

Closed the meditation by charging and cleaning some crystals using Shamballa energy, which felt nice.

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