Evening meditation

Last evening I wanted to do a similar session as two days ago. The plan was to do 30 minutes of fast breathing (with no pauses between breaths) , followed by 15 minutes of fast breathing with fast MCO and finally 15 minutes of normal breathing with slow MCO. This worked out fine. Around the 30 minutes mark my legs started jerking and there was twitching of muscles in other places too. I ignored this. Focus was good, mind hardly wandered during entire session. Sensations seem to be becoming more pronounced. The sense of movement and warmth when moving the energy was stronger. The warmth is not felt everywhere, only in the spine and the abdomen. There was itching at the crown and of course strong sensations at the 3rd eye. A few times I saw the hand of my mom on my heart to infuse more energy which was nice. It made the ball of energy grow instantly from tennisball to football size so I had to shrink it on the way down in order to squeeze it into the spine at the coccyx. During one cycle the energy got stuck at the 3rd eye, I stopped breathing , turned my head up and my rolled my eyes sideways, don’t know why – I just gave in to impulse. Took maybe 20 seconds and then I continued. I alternated contracting the pelvic floor muscle between inbreath and outbreath , unsure what to do but I’m not worried about that.
Afterwards in bed I felt the spine in my lower back glowing with subtle heat.I slept horrible , but I’m not sure if this is caused by working with energy just before bedtime or because of my emotional state.

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