Evening meditation

I did the Shambhala Sun meditation again as described at the end of this document. I took a few minutes to empty my mind as much as possible and just placed myself in the indigo ocean. This time I was in a canoe . The waters were calm and the water was beautiful. I could hear the sound of the water sloshing against the canoe each time I made a stroke with the pedals. Dolphins appeared and they escorted me for some time, playfully swimming around me and even trying to propel the canoe. The sun came closer and closer and when I reached it I could walk up some stairs towards a door. As I entered the sun it became dark. I opened my heart chakra and it lit my direct surroundings like a candle would. I walked forward and there was a table and two chairs. I sat down in a chair and waited. My father appeared in the other chair, I did not expect that but I don’t want to exert control over what happens so I let it be. My father looked younger than he is today. We talked some private stuff and there was forgiveness. Afterwards I walked back to the door,jumped in the water and that was it.

Spent the rest of the session trying to stay in the I Am feeling, being aware of objects in consciousness. Session took 30 minutes. This was a welcome pause after the mental havoc of the last week.

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