Evening meditation

Tonight I just sat on the couch, keeping my attention with the breath while staying generally aware of senses and thoughts. Occasionally I would pick up something, for example a repeating sound, and would try to find the one who is hearing. It’s interesting , the one who heard cannot be found. There is just the process of hearing. I realized that sounds don’t bother me anymore. Previously sounds like our dog snoring or the clock ticking would annoy me, but now they are just meaningless sounds and they don’t distract me. In fact, I use the sounds for observation. It’s good to see one’s own progress once in a while. The session lasted 52 minutes. It’s been a while since I did a longer session and it was nice. Longer sessions are more difficult to plan during the day, but they have their benefits. There is more time to quiet the mind and the meditation will be deeper.

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