Evening meditation

Tonight I sat down in my meditation room not knowing that to do. The last two days were very tiring and I have had little time to sit. So now I sat down and used the Oneness music again. It didn’t seem to do anything for me so I grabbed two amethyst crystals and held them in my hands. I then started breathing in energy into my belly button MCO-style. It was kind of chaotic and forced and I realized I was trying to do too many things at the same time so I stopped the MCO, put down the crystals and focused on just consciously being. That was better and some degree of calm turned. After Oneness I listened to this track which was also nice and I tried to just be aware of the body and it’s sensations, thoughts and emotions. This kind of worked.

After some time I picked up a crystal and asked it’s previous owner’s higher self for permission to connect. I connected my crown chakra and before my mind’s eye a light bridge formed between my higher self and the other that transcended personal feelings. A third person’s higher self added itself and now there was a light triangle, connecting the two most important higher selves in my life with ‘me’. The personal story dividing us in the physical realm was absent, it was nice.

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