Evening meditation

Tonight was a long and productive session. I started out with a nice chanting session and followed that up with a 20-minute Microcosmic Orbit since it was still early in the evening. Focus was decent and it felt nice. After that I decided to stay seated and just observe thoughts and sensations. It was interesting because I was feeling pretty clear and mind wandering was minimal. There was a pressure in the head and chest, similar to what I feel if I run a fever. It was mildly unpleasant but I just observed it. The rest of the body had a buzzy feeling to it.

It was more clear to me than normal that these sensations and thoughts simply happen without anyone controlling, owning or ‘doing’ them. After about 40 minutes of this I stopped because my legs started to hurt too much from the cross-legged posture.

After stopping and assuming a normal posture on the couch I did another short meditation of 10 minutes because it felt so good.

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