Evening meditation

This evening I sat in my meditation room and put on the music that is the background to my Light meditation and meditated with that for an hour. I’ve done that meditation so many times now that each time I hear that music my attention automatically goes to the heart center and the golden sun’s bright light there. As I’ve had once before, after some time a strong feeling of power or strength came over me which made me feel very confident and capable. After a while attention shifted to my abdomen. At first my will interfered because it was an interruption to what I was doing but instead of returning to the connection I let it go. I decided to let go of any plan or intention during this meditation. Also I decided to let go of the process in my head that is constantly monitoring everything in order to find things to report on this site. I know there are things that I have forgotten as a result. It’s like this dream you almost remember; it’s on the edge of memory but you can’t get at it. I remember that I was directing the strength/power at my abdomen to try and unlock what is hidden there and had the intention to face anything that would show itself. There was something with a small plane crash and other violent things I can’t remember now. It was interesting and the hour passed very quickly.

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