Evening meditation

Yep, another Light meditation… It was the third one today and I started feeling more positive and strong as the day progressed. This evening the energy of the light meditation was back for a large part. After a few minutes I asked my Task Companion again for some extra energy and again it worked but not as strong as yesterday. This time the energy went into my head which made sense again since there is also a storage space there. It also caused pressure around my third eye. I finished the 20 minutes of guidance I recorded myself and remained sitting for another half hour, using the image in my mind of a body filled with light as the mediation object. A mild sense of peace came over me . Then my mind jumped to my inner child. I never ignore this, I always spend some time with my inner child if this comes up. This time we just cuddled and and after a few minutes I put him to bed with his favorite stuffed animal. I watched him sleep peacefully for a few moments.

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