Evening meditation

I decided to do an extra MCO this evening since the one I did today was only 9 minutes. Sensations were the same as the previous session; a feeling of movement when the energy goes from one spot to the next. Sometimes subtle heat. 3rd eye pressure was strong again and it felt sticky when the energy was at that spot.

Noticed that the energy follows attention, but not immediately- there is a delay. So if I’m attending to a spot to feel energy there , it takes a second or more before the energy with the sensation of movement arrives at that spot.

The 26 minute MCO was followed by a Violet Flame meditation which gave mild sensations but felt very good nonetheless. Spent a few minutes focusing on the breath to finish. Total session time was 43 minutes.

I’m typing this now while lying in bed and I feel heat at the bottom of the spine. Don’t know if this is due to the energy or because it was a fairly hot day.

In a good mood.

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