Well, tonight I was supposed to go meditate with a stranger, I really looked forward to doing that. I’m looking for ways to open up to life, break the routine and get out of my comfort zone. I already noticed the expectations growing in my head the last few days so I made sure that I had the intention to accept whatever occurs. Turns out there was nobody home so I drove back home again. I was very slightly disappointed but also thankful to observe that I was not really disappointed or annoyed. At home I went upstairs to the meditation room and sat down to meditate, but after about two minutes I had to abort the session because we got a visitor. Again, I just accepted the moment and was not annoyed.

After the visitor left I went back upstairs and did this nice guided meditation followed by chanting the ‘ra ma da sa sa sey so hung‘ mantra. It was nice again, not as intense as the previous times but that’s okay.

When I finished typing this post after the meditation I made a mistake on the phone and deleted it completely losing all text, I typed it again without getting angry. It’s good to see the positive changes in oneself from time to time.