Light meditation

I did an extra Light meditation at work just now. It was stronger this time; at the moment where I start to let the light infuse my body a wave of tingles came over my body and there was a presence in it for the remainder of the session. It was similar to the feeling the Violet Flame meditation gives me sometimes. Also there was some discomfort in the heart area and short sting-like headaches came by. Headaches are very rare for me. I just let everything be and the image of light pervading my body was stronger and brighter than before.
The discomfort in the heart area may be caused by a new stone I’m wearing; it’s a rather big pendant made of Charoite:

I may have to shorten the necklace because now it’s resting between the heart and the solar plexus. I bought it because I think it’s just gorgeous and the color resonates with the Violet Flame and Saint Germain. Purple/Violet has been my favorite color all my life.

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