Light Meditation

I did a Light meditation again at work. I was a bit cranky because things weren’t going very smooth at work and it got on my nerves. This meditation however lifted my mood. Again I got the tingles coming up the sides of my torso and I felt a subtle loving presence. Also , my body got really bright this time, before my mind’s eye. It did it on its own it seems. Nice.

2 thoughts on “Light Meditation”

    1. Hi Dhruvi,

      Thanks for your message, I’m pleased you like this site.
      As of other blogs about this subject: wow, there are so many good ones… No use producing a list but there is , which is run by Fred Davis. Reading blogs is good of course, but if you are serious about awakening or clearing joining a good weekly satsang beats everything. I attend Fred Davis’ satsangs every week and I strongly recommend it!
      Be well 💜

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