Light meditation

Just had another Light meditation, but slightly different. Before I went meditating I read something that reminded me of the difference between the two brain hemispheres; the left being the ratio which is occupied with past/present and the right one being Present and holistic.
When I started the Light meditation I at first tried to keep the light around and outside the body for 5 minutes as usual but I noticed it didn’t want to and came in anyway. Because I want to keep things spontaneous and not rigid I let the energy do what it wanted and got tingles all over as it flooded my body. Then I thought of the brain and tried to shift my awareness to my right brain. This felt interesting and could be felt in the head. I imagined my right brain lighting up brightly. After some time I let the light shift to the left brain as well to bring balance. This felt nice. After some time I tried to shift all of my awareness to the left brain and found that there was resistance. After some seconds though it ‘gave in’ and I lit it up with white light as well. Meanwhile I was trying to stay aware of the golden sun in my heart (being the link to my higher self) and the light in my body.

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