Light meditation

Still doing 20-minute Light meditations almost exclusively, two to three times a day. If I don’t log about them they were not out of the ordinary meaning there were no special sensations or appearances.
During any Light meditation I might have varying mild sensations around the heart area, like contracting or expansion, pleasant or unpleasant. Mind wandering is almost always present to varying degrees.
I only report thse meditations if they were somehow different, like today. I always try to envision my whole body being pervaded by divine white light coming into the heart center and I usually attribute soft, warm,loving and healing qualities to that light. Meanwhile I try to ‘see’ the lotus flower and green faceted emerald there in the middle of a golden sun in my heart center, but if that is too much to handle I focus on the white light in my body.
Today the light had a different quality; it was more ‘hard’ and powerful. It made me want to go out there and do things that are actionable. Also, in my mind it was stronger and brighter than usual.

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