Light meditation – details

I just did another Light meditation and I thought I’d go into more detail of what I do and experience exactly since the spoken instructions are so basic.

So the first 5 minutes are meant to quiet the mind and the meditator can choose what method to use. I have several methods for this but they have one thing in common ; no attention goes to the content of thoughts. This can be done by keeping attention with some object, like the sensations of the breath. What I do lately is to stay aware of bodily sensations and other objects in consciousness like thoughts or feelings.This can also be seen as staying with the I Am feeling, the knowing of the fact that you exist and experience this world. Of course some thought will come up that is interesting enough to grab attention and mind will wander, but I don’t get frustrated over it and just go back to the I Am feeling as soon as I notice.
The second 5 minutes I envision being surrounded by brilliant white light, but it does not penetrate my body yet – I’m kind of holding it at bay until I’m allowed to unleash it. Meanwhile I visualize a radiant little golden sun in my heart area that I imagine is connected to my higher self. In the beginning I had a little difficulty with that because mind wanted to have a visual on that; where is this higher self – above me? Should the heart be connected with a beam of light going upwards? Or behind me? I have let this go and don’t bother about it anymore, it’s the feeling that counts not the visual. During these 5 minutes I also maintain the I Am feeling in the background, so I’m simultaneously trying to observe all this going on.

When the next 10 minutes begin and I’m allowed to unleash the white light into the body it usually gives me some tingling sensations throughout the body but sometimes not. It’s all okay. I just picture this energy flooding into and penetrating the body and imagine the healing and loving qualities of it. Meanwhile there is still the sense of being connected through the golden sun in the heart area and this can cause sensations too, not necessarily pleasant ones. In ┬ámy case it feels like contraction or maybe blockage, which is somewhat unpleasant but in a good way. I don’t worry about it.
When the decree comes at the end , the words have more and more meaning to me and can also give me the shivers.
That being said , there are also occurrences where everything feels ineffective and flat and that’s okay too. Expectations are just thoughts and the seeds of disappointment.

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