Light meditation

This morning I did a meditation that was explained in the book ‘Unveiled Mysteries’ I’m reading. It was taught to the writer of the book by Saint Germain. I have no guiding audio for it but fortunately the instructions are quite simple so I did it by heart, maybe I’ll make some guided audio myself.

It was nice and interesting. It starts out with 5 minutes to quiet the mind and body. (No instructions on how to do that but that’s not a problem.) Then the meditator should envision him/herself being surrounded and enveloped by brilliant white light. While doing that the meditator focuses attention on the heart area, visualizing a golden sun there while being aware of the connection of the outer self (I’m assuming that’s the personality) and the inner God self (I’m assuming that’s the higher self).

The heart area is where the connection is made between the outer self and the inner God self. This is depicted below.


This is followed by 10 minutes where the meditator lets the white light energy penetrate the entire body, every cell, while maintaining the connection through the heart area.

It felt powerful and interesting.

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