I just did an in-between Light meditation because I was feeling very tense and annoyed by circumstances. It’s amazing how quickly my mood lifts during one of these, but it also drops again when I’m done. There is a residual effect though so I always feel better afterwards. There was another funny thing during this meditation. As I was picturing this light penetrating my body, crystals appeared floating in the air around me. They were large ,perfectly shaped clear quartz-like crystals and when the light played on the facets there were rainbow colors like you see on the image below. The tips were aimed at me and from those tips came a beam of high-frequency energy that would penetrate my energy body and eat away at impurities, like a radioactive ray will destroy tumor tissue but without the collateral damage. I could aim the crystals where I wanted so I cleaned my right shoulder (don’t know why) and my heart area. I also aimed at my head but that felt less comfortable. When the meditation was over the crystals shrunk in size and moved to a kind of tool belt where they took their places. Seems like I have some new tools to play with .

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