I did this 30-minute meditation in the afternoon. I want to get centered again and figured I have to be more determined and disciplined during the day and in meditation, so I swapped my cushion for a seiza bench. The bench is less comfortable compared to the cushion so maybe that’ll keep me more at focus. I tried to keep my attention focus on an object while remaining broadly aware of thoughts and sensations. At first I focused on the breath at the nose. Then I noticed the pressure at my 3rd eye and I remembered that this was also used as a meditation object in the book ‘Untethered Soul’ so I switched to that. The sensations there became quite intense, like someone was massaging my forehead in a rotating, kneading movement. After a minute or so I stopped because I scares me a bit, I’ve read on the past to be careful with that. So I switched back to breath. Mind wandered a bit but not much, most of the thoughts were observed but not from a place of complete separation. Not feeling any better after this meditation.

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