Today my mind is very restless and turbulent so I sat down for a short 15-minute meditation at work just before lunch, asking for support and just observing What Is. It was somewhat helpful and I went back to my work place after it. A minute later or so I decided to go back and use my lunch time for an additional 30-minute meditation. Same intention , trying to just Be with What Is and also to consciously think about some stuff. Suddenly it got strange , it was like a blanket of energy fell over me. I got a bit light-headed and there was a lightness and a buzzy feeling over my whole body. I saw some white light through my eyelids as if someone was shining a small flashlight against them. It felt like a familiar presence too. This feeling stayed with me for a while and then slowly subsided , only to come back for a second wave. I had to go back to my work place however because lunch time was over , but I’m still sitting here with a nervous feeling in my body as I write this and I’m cold which is unusual for me.

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