I drove the car to work this morning because of a doctor’s appointment for my shoulder. Listening to an audiobook while driving a car doesn’t work so well so I listened to the mantra , chanting along. It was nice.
In the morning I did a 15-minute meditation at work , trying to stay in the Witness Seat ( or I Am field , Awareness) using the breath as an anchor , being especially alert for thoughts that invoke emotions. If I saw this happen , I made sure to let the emotions flow freely without dampening them or enforcing them. (I noticed lately that I tighten my belly a lot when there is tension so I actively relaxed the abdomen. ) After some minutes the abdomen relaxed and the ball of tension that is usually there kind of dissolved and spread throughout the torso. It was still tension but not as hard as I’m used to. I guess I should continue paying attention to my abdomen and breath , keeping it soft.

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