Microcosmic orbit #100 of 100

This was a short , 15-minute session at work. No guided audio was used. Focus was sloppy and I was thinking about stuff but that didn’t seem to influence the meditation very much.It felt deeper than usual , I was aware of the fact that I was bearly aware of my surroundings. It was a bit strange , I was doing the thinking and the MCO simultaneously. Maybe this is routine setting in?
Anyhow , there was some warmth at the usual places and during one cycle the energy completely skipped the crown which I thought was interesting. The 3rd eye was most active again.Root gives me the least sensations , usually none. Sometimes there was an mild uncomfortable feeling at the heart , comparable to the feeling of food in your asophagus that won’t go down without a fight. After the meditation , which felt relatively deep, I felt nice and there was a subtle buzzy , charged-up feeling in my body , like a cozy humming. I sat for a minute enjoying that.

So , this was session 100 of 100. Now what? Looking back it was fun doing it but what do I think I’m getting out of it? I see no direct spiritual benefit yet but I read in articles that it can take years before this excercise yields any sensations related to energy, so I guess things were going relatively fast with me. I’m going to keep doing daily MCO’s but I’ll be looking for ways to intensify the energy. Maybe I can combine it with some Robert Bruce excercises. We’ll see. On to the next 100!

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