Microcosmic orbit #101

I did this 15-minute MCO at work. I feel it’s time to make some changes to it to step up my game but I’m not sure how to do it so I started the old-fashioned slow way ;
doing belly breathing , drawing energy in at the in breath , going to the next center at the out breath while contracting pelvic floor muscle.

After a minute or so I decided to stop guiding and see what the energy wanted to do , but nothing happened. I figured I should continue doing the fast cycle , so that means energy going up from root to crown through spine during inhale , and down over chest to root at the exhale while contracting pelvic floor muscle. Of course this felt a bit awkward because I’m not used to that and sensations were not what they usually are but that’s okay , I feel this is the next step to do so let’s keep doing that. Also I’m going to look to change my breathing once I’m a little accustomed to the fast cycle and doing longer sessions is also on my wish list.

The attitude of serving the universe and having no preference was also present during this meditation , it decreased expectations because I’m okay with whatever is going to happen. This in turn means I’m more relaxed which is good. We’ll see how this develops.

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