Microcosmic orbit #103

This morning meditation was a bit odd. I decided to do an MCO and lead that in with some faster deeper bellybreathing so I did deeper breath cycles of 3-4 seconds total with no pause between the in- and out breath. I did this for about 10 minutes and started the MCO, maintaining the breathing. During the in breath I envisioned the energy coming in to my body via the mouth and moving to the crown while the energy in the body moves up the spine to the crown. During the out breath the energy travels down the front of the torso towards the root. On both sides I try to be conscious of every energy center during this. I think it was a bit too much because I kept losing track, breath would return to normal and I would be thinking of something. With a small shock I would suddenly realize what I was doing and I thanked my subconscious for reminding me before returning to the meditation each time.

There weren’t very specific energy sensations but I could feel the effectiveness in the body. This felt awake, buzzy and pleasant. I think I will keep this up and with a little routine I will be able to keep all the details of this method within my focus without losing track.

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