Microcosmic orbit #104

I did this 15-minute session at work , same approach as yesterday. Started with a few minutes of deeper abdominal breathing , no pauses between in- and out breath. Breathcycle is about 3-4 seconds total. The tip of the tongue always rests against the roof of the mouth. After 3 minutes I started the MCO , starting from root chakra going up the spine towards the crown at the in breath and going down over the front of the torso at the out breath while contracting the pelvic floor muscle. I try to feel energy centers along the way but I do that loosely otherwise I can’t manage co-ordinating everything. This time the meditation actually felt a little uncomfortable in the spine and the front, but this can also be caused by fatigue. (I don’t measure how good a meditation was by how good it felt , everything is okay.) About 5 minutes into the MCO things became more of a flow , it was easier to keep everything going. There were however no energy sensations , only the usual pressure at the 3rd eye.The meditation felt lively though.
When it was time to collect the energy at the lower dantian, I felt it might be nice to nurture the lotus on my heart with the energy , which I saw as a white cloud in my abdomen at that moment. So I let the energy flow upwards toward my heart like a liquid or a heavy fog. When it reached and enveloped the heart the feeling of my body changed subtly. There was more aliveness in the body , all sensations were a little more vivid. I saw the lotus flower before my mind’s eye , consuming some of the energy and it started twinkling and rotating , shining brightly. I enjoyed this for a minute. I considered leaving the energy there but I figured it would be better to lead it back to the lower dantian en let it be absorbed by the crystal ball there. I felt nice afterwards and slightly more open in my heart area.

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