Microcosmic orbit #106

This was a 25-minute session I did after waking up and before breakfast. I followed the steps as described in the new page, so 36 slow deep belly breaths to calm down followed by a few minutes of Inner smile.

I started the MCO and immediately I felt uncomfortable, I got a bit dizzy in the head and abdomen (didn’t know that was possible 🤔) and there was slight nausea. Breath got short and shallow. The dizziness faded but the nausea stayed the whole session. Also I got hot, I felt like I was going to break a sweat. I wondered if the room was still hot from yesterday but it didn’t feel warm when I sat down. The heat manifested most in the hands, a spot on my left leg and in the abdomen. As I write this now, directly after the session, I’m still in the same chair and the heat is gone. Imagining the energy going around with each breath was easier than normal. The spine felt like there was a warm wire in it that slowly moved up during the session. At the front there were not many sensations , only the abdomen felt like something was arriving each cycle. During a few breaths I contracted the pelvic floor muscle to see if I could feel a difference. The circulation felt a bit more forced and I was not sure if that’s a good thing do I stopped that. Maybe Mantak Chia will have something to say about that soon. At the end of the session I got the thought that Mom was urging me to stop so I did. It was more difficult than normal to collect the energy in the lower dantian, as if the energy wanted to stay dispersed in the body.

Still having a nervous feeling in the abdomen after the session.

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