Microcosmic orbit #108 – belly button 1

In this 30-minute morning session I tried to make a start with the new approach towards the MCO. I’ll be opening the energy centers one by one starting with the belly button. I was lying in bed and figured I might as well do it there. I started with 36 slow deep abdominal breaths and put a slight smile on my face. I tried to create a forgiving mindset and moved my focus to my belly button. Tongue against the palate of the mouth behind the teeth. At first I put a finger in my belly button to make it easier to ‘find the spot’ , after a few minutes mind locked in on the spot and the finger was not needed anymore so I clasped my hands together on my belly. I started breathing in energy on the in breath while keeping focus on the belly button spot. This was a good concentration exercise. I continued like this for about 25 minutes, time passed quickly and before I knew it my timer buzzed. I finished up with putting my fist on my belly , rotating it 36 times clockwise and 24 times counterclockwise.

There were no clear sensations in this session, but it was pleasant and relaxing.

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