Microcosmic orbit #109 – belly button 2

So this morning I did a 30-minute session exactly as described on my MCO page.

I found it hard to keep focus on the belly button, mind kept wandering. I can ‘find the spot’ in my body , but I would think about how to formulate this post. I have that during most of my meditations, it’s the same when I keep a private log so doesn’t matter. This time however mind was extra prone to wandering, so I put a finger in my belly button to help me keep focus, this helped a bit. After some time some mild nausea and light-headedness came by, rising from the belly to the head. Then some warmth appeared at the belly button which was welcome because it gives me something to focus on so I removed my finger and clasped my hands together. The subtle but clear warmth came and went , some more nausea and lightheadedness also. I found it hard to imagine the energy coming in through all the pores of my body at the in breath, because it takes my attention away from the belly button to the skin, so my focus alternated between skin-belly button which was not helping. I switched to imagining the energy coming in through the belly button at the in breath so I could keep my attention focused there, this was better.

At the end I put my fist on my belly and did the 36-24 rotations as described, but I find this a bit cumbersome. I feel that my normal routine of absorbing energy at the tan-tien works fine so maybe I’ll switch to that, but I have to give the instructions of Mantak Chia a chance also, so we’ll see.

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