Microcosmic orbit #112 – belly button 5

I did this session early in the morning in my meditation room because we will be out all day and there may not be another opportunity.

I modified my posture a bit , I was seated on a chair as described on the MCO page but I put my feet a little more under the chair instead of directly under the knees. I noticed that breathing was more relaxed that way. Also I put a pillow on my lap to support my hands while clasped together.

The session was organized like this: 8 minutes of abdominal breathing and Inner Smile, 12 minutes of concentrating on the belly button and finally 4 minutes to do the fist thing on the belly.

Concentration was okay with some minor mind wandering. My arm was slightly distracting but not much. There was subtle warmth in the belly which flared up a bit during each in breath as I imagined energy coming in through the belly button. As soon as that warmth appears it gets easier to focus because you have something to lock on to. The feeling of mild warmth continued throughout the session and is still there while I write this.

There were some uncomfortable contracted feelings in the chest when I started and breath was extremely shallow during the whole session. Sometimes my heart rate would fluctuate. Don’t know what to make of that, may not be a problem but we will see how it develops.

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