Microcosmic orbit #113 – belly button 6

I deviated from my process in this 40-minute session. I sat cross-legged in the meditation room and started with the mantra I learned yesterday. I chanted along with the mantra , which again was outside of my comfort zone but it is surprising how quickly I get used to that once I’ve done it. Besides, it felt good. The mantra made me cry but I’m not sure what emotion was behind it, it was more of a mix.

After the mantra, which takes about 15 minutes and is over surprisingly fast, I continued with an MCO. I skipped the usual breathing and Inner Smile. I breathed into my belly button but focus was a bit dodgy because of the remnants of the emotions. It felt like there was a marble behind my belly button but there was no warmth or anything else. After 15 minutes I held my hand flat on my stomach and imagined the energy being absorbed but this felt unnecessary.

After I finished the meditation I stopped the timer but decided to do another short session just being aware. My 3rd eye got very active. I had to stop after 7 minutes because I was out of time.

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