Microcosmic orbit #115 – belly button 8

Well , I sat down again this morning for my MCO, feeling more centered compared to yesterday and before. I guess it has to do with listening to Untethered Soul again because I tend to forget lessons I learned. Lately I have been under the spell of mind again and mind is very good at taking things out of proportion, blowing it up into huge drama. It’s been going up and down like that for months now. The last weeks were particularly bad. Since yesterday things are better again, we’ll see for how long, I’m a stubborn student 🙄. I need to stay in the Witness seat, observing thoughts, sensations and emotions but lately this was difficult with obvious results. Listening to Untethered Soul for the second time was a good move.

Anyhow, back to the MCO. Followed the exact process as described on my page, session was 30 minutes total with 10 minutes of preparation, 16 minutes of MCO (focus on belly button) , 4 minutes of fist movement on belly. I rested my back against the back of the chair to allow my belly to relax.

It was difficult to focus in the beginning. I started doing pelvic floor contractions at the in breath to see if I could feel a difference. I stopped again because I figured it would make my bad focus even worse, but then I started it again because I noticed it actually increases focus because it’s a task for the brain. After a while I stopped it again however because I can’t fully relax the abdomen when I contract the pelvic floor and that constricts relaxed breathing.

There was a build-up of subtle warmth or heat behind the belly button, which is still there as I write this. Sometimes I notice this heat during the day too. At some point it felt like my abdomen was a cavity filled with light ( as in not heavy) energy and warmth, pretty nice.

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