Microcosmic orbit #116 – belly button 9

I did this 30-minute session at work , sitting on a chair , back not supported.
I followed the process as described on my MCO page , the only difference is that at the end I ran out of time so instead of doing the fist rotations I put my hands on my belly I imagined the energy being absorbed by the crystal ball.
As mentioned in my previous post there is a lot of anxiety in my body at the moment and it seems to center at the abdomen. Before I started the actual MCO I asked my higher self for assistance since we’re in this together 😉.
I started breathing in energy into the belly button and it gave me some obvious sensations. Sometimes it felt like someone was inflating a small balloon in my intestines , or there was flowing warmth but also bubbling (this could also have been my intestines though 😐). Also sometimes the marble was back behind my belly button. My focus was a bit shabby with some mind wandering but I don’t really bothered about that , no use trying to force What Is into something it’s not.
It felt like the session was having effect and I felt more relaxed afterwards.

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