Microcosmic orbit #117 – belly button 10

This 25-minute session was in my bedroom in a chair, back against the back of the chair. I slept well and was feeling relatively relaxed.

Mind was a bit active during the MCO and I found one stream of thought too valuable to ignore. I was thinking about the past ~6 months and how difficult they have been and I realized that I’m in the process of redefining my view of reality. I lost my framework of life and have been re-evaluating many concepts like self, love, loyalty, responsibility etc. I’m seeing life more and more in a new way and I’m far from done. I gave this stream of thought some room to take place which was a the cost of the MCO, but still the MCO felt good and produced some warmth in my abdomen.

Funny thing is , as I was riding my bike to work this morning I was listening to Untethered Soul and it was described how some events in life can shake your foundations of beliefs , preferences , fears , values etc. which are all basically just mental thoughts. These are the walls of your psyche that hide the light within and these events make the walls collapse. The mind will then struggle to plug the walls again with more thoughts. If one is clear enough in this process and is willing to acknowledge that the old ways just don’t work, the collapse can be used for great growth. Instead of building new walls of ‘safety’ for the psyche , the walls are left crumbled – or at least are not as strong as they were before.

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