Microcosmic orbit #120 – belly button 13

Because it was a very busy day it wasn’t until evening before I had time to do an MCO. I don’t like doing it in the evening but I gave it a shot.

I took 5 minutes for some abdominal breathing and a quick Inner Smile, then did MCO (belly button) for 25 minutes. It still is difficult to focus, don’t know why. Mind is just very active and self discipline/ motivation is low. My hurting arm isn’t helping either. I put a small piece of amethyst in my belly button to give me something to focus on but I removed it after a few minutes. I then started contracting my pelvic floor muscle and the out breath. This helped a bit staying focused and seemed to generate more warmth in the abdomen but it still was a messy session. I forgot to collect the energy at the end but I think that’s no issue because I was working on the belly button anyway. Some warmth had built up there. Immediately after the MCO I did a Metta meditation which was nice, it calmed me down and I could feel my heart area relaxing, opening a bit. It feels like a fortress there.

It may have been be a messy meditation but I was feeling quite good afterwards. More open and centered.

Sleepy time…

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