Microcosmic orbit #122 – belly button 15

I decided to do an extra MCO today and sat down in the shower room at work in a chair.
I started out without supporting my back but with my shoulder this is not comfortable so I leaned back in the seat.
It was immediately clear that staying focused was going to be a challenge again. My concentration has been very weak for quite some time now. I did some breaths and a very quick Inner Smile and started the MCO. Mind wandered easily and I had to bring it back to the task at hand each time , trying not to be annoyed by it. I was considering stopping this whole MCO stuff alltogether but I let that thought pass by. After some time I got aroused and distracting thoughts started to claim my attention. I moved my attention to my back (opposite of the belly button) for a short while (Mantak Chia says in his book to do that when that happens) and that seemed to help. Then I got the feeling that this excercise is a bit boring , staying with the belly button all the time. Boring also means it’s more difficult to maintain focus. So I did an old-fashioned cycle , going from center to center with each breath. It felt good but I decided to go back to the belly button again.
It wasn’t until 15 minutes or so into the MCO that things quieted down in my head and I started to get more relaxed , now it was feeling pleasant and a warm glow appeared in my abdomen. Relaxation is key with the MCO. I guess I need more lead-in time and get relaxed before I start doing it.
I finished up with the fist rotations , still not sure why I should do that.

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