Microcosmic orbit #123 – belly button 16

This morning I decided to change my process a bit , since I learned yesterday evening that I need more time to get ‘into it’. I asked for assistance from my guides and did Anapana meditation for about 20 minutes and no abdominal breathing or Inner Smile. With the Anapana meditation it is key to keep your attention at the sensations of the breath at the nostrils. I always try to see if I can stay aware of the temperature difference between the in and out breath, this works well for me. As soon as my attention slips a bit I can’t feel the difference and I know my attention is weakening. Of course there still was some mind wandering but focus got more stable than it has been for a while now. Then I switched to the belly button. It was a bit hard to keep my attention there because there is no sensation to attach to. I put a finger in my belly button but that didn’t help so I removed it again. After a while the subtle heat was there in my abdomen so I could focus on that. I also experimented with contracting the pelvic floor muscle at the out breath. It does seem to help generate warmth in the belly, and contracting it subtly seems better than contracting it strongly.

I’ll do the same process next time and if it works well for me I’ll adapt my MCO page.

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