Microcosmic orbit #124 – belly button 17

I did this 30-minute session in the living room, cross-legged on the couch. The process was as described on my page.

I was a bit strange session. Mind wandered quite a lot but I was aware of it and could let go of the thoughts before they really too me for a ride. Letting go of the thoughts felt as beneficial as doing the MCO.

(I actually started that process in bed after I woke up at 4:20 , I lay in bed looking at the thoughts and dismissing them. Then it dawned to me that I have made a habit of trying to automatically disbelieve thoughts and this is not good. Just as it is not good to automatically believe thoughts it’s not good to automatically disbelieve them. I guess I should be selective.)

So this was going on at the cost of concentrating on the belly button of course, but still there was some warmth building up. At some point the warmth was suddenly gone and there was energy in my body that felt like anxiety. When the warmth returned I did an old-fashioned cycle, going from center to center in the course of reach breath. I stayed for three breaths at the heart to nourish the lotus there. Doing that cycle in between felt good, I’m still not sure if this approach I’m doing now (staying with one center) is going to work for me but I have to give it a chance.

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