Microcosmic orbit #127 – belly button 20

I attempted an MCO at work during my lunch break but I knew in advance that it would be difficult to focus because the content of last night’s channeling session is going through my mind (most of which I will not discuss on this site).
I sat down on the chair and started doing abdominal breathing to relax. Immediately mind went at work with some of the content of the session but I did not try to fight it. Instead , I tried to make it productive. I followed the train of thought and meanwhile I was still getting more relaxed , getting ‘into it’. It was good to focus on that issue and I see I have lots of work to do. I remembered that in the session it was stated that st.Germain is my master teacher and I got warm feelings thinking about him. I got shivers all over. It’s funny because I’ve always liked working with the Violet Flame, st.Germain’s energy. Even though my focus at the lower dantian was intermittent at best , the meditation felt good and energy-rich , only it didn’t concentrate on my belly button.
I may try another MCO later today.

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