Microcosmic Orbit #24

Simplified the meditation. It now works like this:
start with energyball in lower Dantien. At inhale , extend abdomen and draw energy from surroundings directly to energyball.At out breath , abdomen comes back in and energyball is pushed to next location.
So no more contracting the pelvic floor muscles for the moment. also , no more imagining the energy coming in through 3rd eye to center of brain and then to energyball.It was too complex.
Not sure if it is a good thing to keep changing this but we’ll see.

The MCO session this morning was a bit troublesome. Feeling a bit depressed today and some emotions related to recent events are coming more strongly to the surfacecausing distraction. Maybe it’s just the rain today. At the same time I’m getting used to this and I know it’ll pass just like everything passes.

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