Microcosmic Orbit #27

(My mood has improved , feeling much better. Not too optimistic yet but more positive.)

Did this MCO session after lunch, probably should have waited an hour or so but wanted to take the opportunity.

Started out with 5 minutes of abdominal breathing again, this works well and I’m more relaxed when I start the MCO. Relaxation is important for Qi to move freely (so I’ve read).

MCO itself went okay, lost concentration a couple of times and mind wandered off. When mind starts to wander off but I catch it in time and I still know exactly where I was in the meditation, that does not count as a break of concentration for me. Only when I realize mind wandered off and I’m not sure where I was in the meditation, that’s a break of concentration. That happened three times in this session, probably due to my body processing lunch.

I also used abdominal breathing and the pelvic floor muscles again.

No strong sensations but sometimes a slight feeling of movement or warmth when I go to the next position in the orbit. The only strong sensations occur when the energy moves from the top of the head to the 3rd eye, there it gets sticky and doesn’t want to move on. I wonder what that means… Is there a QiGong master in the audience?

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