Microcosmic Orbit #28

So I decided a few weeks ago to do a microcosmic orbit meditation for 100 consecutive days to see how that develops.

I’m hoping this practice with strengthen my energy body and my sensitivity to it.

Today was session 28.

Started out again with 5 minutes of abdominal breathing to settle the mind. During the meditation itself concentration was decent, never really lost track of where I was. Sensations are most present at the head. Today also the base of the head had some subtle sensation that I cannot describe yet. The top of the head got slightly itchy when I got there and it felt like there was a small weight lying on top of it. The 3rd eye was strongest again, feeling like someone was lightly massaging my forehead with to fingers making a rotating movement.

Throat only have me a subtle heaviness once. The heart usually feels slightly heavy too. No sensations at lower dantian , root, tip of tailbone , lower back or kidney area. The visualisation was lively though.

Flexing the pelvic floor muscle got automatic now so I can dedicate more attention to the abdominal breathing which seems to waver sometimes.

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