Microcosmic Orbit #30

Normally I do my MCO early in the morning when everyone is still asleep ,but today I was too groggy and did it at work. I rode my bicycle to work and did it after the shower. Started with 5 minutes of abdominal breathing followed by 20 minutes of MCO. It felt very good , concentration was decent (only once really lost track where I was) and there was a sense of movement when the energy moved to the next spot. (The energy had the form of a ball today). Felt very energized afterwards.

Maybe part of the ‘success’ can be attributed to the fact that it was after a cold shower. I started doing this yesterday after reading about a course by Wim Hof , the Iceman. Cold showers are a way to turn on the heater (energy) in your body. He has a program where you take a cold shower of 5 seconds on the first day and add 5 seconds every following day. Today was the second day. Funny how you feel fear before you get in the cold water , and how good it feels once you’re in it .

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