Microcosmic Orbit #31

Just did my 31st MCO.
The MCO sessions thus far have been 26 minutes comprised of 5 minutes of abdominal breathing followed by 19 minutes of MCO. This timeframe is sometimes difficult to squeeze between activities so I edited the audiofile and created a 9-minute version. This makes it easier to do the MCO at work during a short break.
So I did this today and it worked fine. The session felt the same as yesterday ; a sense of movement when pushing the energy from one spot to the next. Energy gets itchy at the crown and sticky at the 3rd eye and wants to stay there it seems.No sensations of warmth or heat. Concentration was good.

Normally I prefer longer sessions because concentration reaches higher levels the longer I keep at it , but maybe I’ll try doing two short MCO sessions daily now. Maybe I’ll also try doing a longer session soon , like an hour or so.

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