Microcosmic Orbit #33

This morning I finished the audio book ‘Book of Mastery’ while riding my bicycle to work. Its truth and beauty has touched me so many times I will start over soon. It is a path to love and non-duality.

At work I took a cold shower again. It’s amazing how quickly the system adapts. I started on monday with a warm shower and did 5 seconds of cold water at the end. The second day was a warm shower with 10 seconds of cold at the end. The third and fourth day were a cool shower with 20 seconds of cold at the end and I noticed then already that the body relaxed in the cold water after 15 seconds. Today I stepped right into the cold water and just showered in it , no problem. Feels great. Don’t know if it is the body adapting or if the fear of cold water is overcome.Or both.

Right after the cold shower I did the 33rd MCO. Concentration was quite poor , mind went back all the time to the audiobook I just finished.Low concentration means little energy intensity , but it’s no problem. Many more MCO’s to go.

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