Microcosmic Orbit #48

This was a 20-minute MCO I did outside in the garden, seated under a large hazelnut bush besides the chickens. I had breakfast just a half hour before so my body was still processing that,which is normally not beneficial for energy work but I did it anyway because I suspected this was the best opportunity for an MCO today. Being outside with the chickens complaining to me (they want to go into the garden but the pen is closed) , the birds and the wind there is more distraction compared to sitting in my meditation room so I took some extra time to relax and settle. The MCO went okay, focus was decent, maybe lost track once. Energy sensations were less present but that may be because they are drowned in all the other sensations caused by being outside. Still it was nice. Each time the energy passes my heart I see the luminous white lotus flower my mother once gave me during a meditation, and I try to add the Love that I feel to the energy. (I always find it hard to feel love. Why is it so easy to feel negative emotions and so hard to feel love?)

When the meditation was over and it was time to store the accumulated energy in the lower dantian I got goose bumps all over.

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