Microcosmic Orbit #49

Today was the 49th MCO of 100 , 51 to go. At least. There is a lot going on emotionally and mentally so I started with focusing on the breath for 15 minutes before starting the MCO. Focus was okay. Lost track of where I was two times in 20 minutes. Sensations were not so strong today, there was the usual pressure and stickiness at the 3rd eye where the energy doesn’t want to move on to the throat and sometimes a slight sense of movement between other spots. The imaginary finger tracing the energy ball over the skin was dropped today because I was focusing more on the finger than on the energy.

At the end of the MCO I did a small experiment with the collected energy. I wanted to try and feel the energy so I tried to move the ball to my right hand and imagine it floating between my two hands in the air, hands cupped around it. I did get a unusual tingling in my fingertips but I didn’t think that was very convincing. I also tried flattening my hands and bringing them slowly closer to each other and removing them again, but I felt nothing. I don’t know what to look for, but I will try some more because I would like to develop my sense of energy.

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